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Welcome to Ultimate Madonna Live, MadonnaTribe's website devoted to Madonna's past and future concert tours. For the first tour after the launch of Madonnatribe.com, the re-Invention Tour (2004), we were the first and still only Madonna page to launch a second full website dedicated to the tour related news, fan reports, scoops, interviews and press and fan photos.

As the fans enjoyed it a lot and the idea kept them busy and entertainied, we succesfully repeated "the event of a temporary tour website" in 2006 for the Confessions Tour and with a slightly different format for the following tour, Sticky and Sweet in 2008 and 2009.

Now in 2012 Madonna is back on tour and we will once again do our best to report, cover, analyze and enjoy the live experience. This time we will bring the news and best fan submissions on our main website, Madonnatribe.com, but also bring them and much more to the heart of the social networks with a unique page on Facebook, MadonnaTribe Live, and a dedicated Twitter account. @MTribeLive.

his website page continues working as a great archive reference of all the previous Madonna Tours, gathering together all our articles, special pages, themed sections and exclusive interviews in a space where you can re-live what it feels being on tour with the Idol.

The Tribe's two special sections - devoted to the re-Invention Tour and The Confessions Tour that kept our visitors busy during the Summer of 2004 and 2006 are of course included, with all their content back online and ready for the brand new MDNA Tour.

With your precious help, we hope we can make this space even bigger, better and complete. Please feel free to send in your memories, images, reviews and contributions - our contact email address share@madonnatribe.com is there for you.

Thank you in advance!

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